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Business Plan for Apple iTime. Submitted by: Das Hanudeep Sunkari (1669074) Venkata Ravi Varma Manthena (1668384) Vamsi Krishna Annabathina (1661815) Raja Venkata Maddipati (1656180) Sujay Gummadi (1660443) Prabhakar Udatha (1669094) MADS 6600_V4: Theory and Practice Administration Dr. Ghassem Zarbi July 16, 2014 Abstract This paper proposes a business plan for the Apple iTime, a wearable technological gadget. The paper focusses on the product features and highlights, management and organisation, internal and external environments, value proposition and a financial summary of the Apple iTime. The paper examines the competitive analysis by exploring the present market and gives a marketing and sales plan. The paper also states the mission and the vision of the company, the long term objectives and goals, strategic analysis, control and evaluation. Company background: Apple, Inc. was started in 1976 in Cupertino, California, United States of America by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Robert Wayne. They were the pioneers of the personal computing and were the global leaders in the field for decades. Apple currently focusses on the mobile technological products such as the iPhones, iPads and the iPods besides their line of personal computers namely, iMacs and MacBook. The most important apple facilities besides the Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California are iCloud Data Centre, Maiden, North Carolina, Sacramento operations centre, Elk Grove, California, Austin operations centre, Austin, Texas, Apple Europe Headquarters, Cork, Ireland, and International offices in 14 other countries (Apple, 2014). Apple also has 425 retail outlets across the world. Apple is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of electronics, with 80,300 employees working for them (Forbes, 2014). Mission and Vision statement: Apple is a company with a steady vision that

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