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Apple Teearis Straham COL 115-00344 Baker College of Flint Business Written Essay UIN 106-58031 Apple People think that Apple has the best software and products on the market; their technology operates faster than other company’s technology. The experience of having a product made by Apple is the latest technology to have in your hands. Customers are pleased with every product Apple has to offer. Apple has changed the world by making technology faster, also upgrading their products with better graphics and more memory. This makes software and products more attractive to buyers and users. Some people will pay top dollar for an Apple product. Middle and upper income people pay lots of money to experience the power of an Apple product. Apple targets people who like to have fun with technology and shoots lots of photos, also videos. Apple is revolved around digital concepts and people are investing into its company. Some of Apples biggest customers are between the ages of 12-35. Apple attracts mainly professionals in media and design. Apple is targeting teenagers because they socialize with friends, listen to music and also interact on the web more than ever. The top selling products by Apple are tablets, smartphones, mac-books, and pods. These products are easy to use because users can download apps on these devices, which make it easier to manage also, navigate through the system of Apple. The touchscreen, which revolves around using no buttons, makes it easier for users to select items without the use of buttons. Touchscreen allows the user to interact with gaming, communication, or web browsing. Apple quarterly total revenue for September 28, 2012, was $156,508,000 and the cost of revenue is $87,846,000 which leads to a gross profit of $68,662,000. Those are pretty impressive numbers and Apple, as a company is steady growing and getting larger

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