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Ingredients for the success of the Apple iPod: Marketing By STEVE BARRILE Business management teacher, consultant and publisher The Grange P–12 College This is the third and final article in a series that has focused on the exceptional success of the Apple iPod in particular, but with an insight into the Apple corporation in general. The first article looked at the story behind Apple to reveal the drivers of its innovative culture that has led to the development of the iPod and other cutting edge technologies, products and services. The second article examined the role of effective leadership at Apple through its CEO Steve Jobs. This final piece will examine the marketing of its flagship products such as the iPod— the third ingredient for success. Editors note: it is recommended that students read the first two articles in this series. Introduction It is clearly understood in business that while you might have the greatest product in the world it needs to be marketed successfully to guarantee commercial success. While the Apple has been recognised as an innovative developer of a range of products and services, it is their approach to marketing that is the final, significant ingredient for success. Marketing is a comprehensive process that involves a range of activities designed to identify, anticipate and satisfy consumer needs. There are many memorable aspects of the marketing campaigns that have accompanied the most prominent of Apple products and services. Of course, the most recent marketing related to the iPod—and its allied service, the iTunes library—is of particular interest here. Let us examine the marketing of the iPod in relation to the traditional, but still relevant, 4Ps of the marketing mix: product, place, price and promotion. The new business model Before we undertake our analysis of the marketing of the iPod, it is important to consider the changed

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