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Innovation at Apple case shows the success of Apple’s innovation, product development strategy and execution. Apple is in the electronics, mobile, TV, and laptop business. In their industry, Apple has been extremely successful through innovation and very hard to copy by other businesses. Apple has been very secretive about all the aspects of their company including strategy and their new products. Apple’s success wasn’t just from innovation and strategy but rather how they executed these plans. Their systematic approach to innovation was implemented by Steve Jobs after his return and the company has been following this ever since. Apple also has many core competencies that make it extremely hard to imitate and compete against. Apple has been very successful through their approach to innovation and design thinking. One way they are so successful with their products is by understanding how people use devices. They do this through usability tests with consumers. With this information, Apple can make changes to its future designs and provide what customers really want before they even realize it. This is a great way to offer everything other products have but by reducing the complexity. Another key to the company’s success is by their daring view of experimenting. A key strategic move Apple made was their decision to move into retail. It was very controversial because other competitive companies have tried this tactic but failed and moved on to online sales. This strategy proved to work because Apple stores followed the same characteristics as Apple products. The stores generated foot traffic from non- Apple customers and fans and brought about more loyal customers and eventually generated the highest revenue per square foot. Apple’s platform strategy puts them ahead of other competitors. Apple uses the OSX operating system for all of its computers

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