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Journalism. Newspapers. Journalists. – some long-time-no-see friends I’ve met again last night. Stumbling upon them gave me new insights and learning. They’ve woken me up and encouraged me to collect authentic work to be delivered to the public. Since I, today, am preparing to be working on the avenue for expression and truth, it is only right that I have listened to what they’ve said. They will be my colleagues upon going out to the real world and live what I have learned. Real world – complicated, cruel and chaotic. I have to face this reality and try to change this wrong notion with my pen and paper. I know it will almost be impossible and idealistic to say this especially seeing what the world is today. Corruption is the forefront of my friend newspaper. Worse, he had been forgotten and left on dim with the birth of his brothers, television and internet. On the other hand, bias and injustice are the vanguards of journalism and journalists. The ones expected to transform the society have been the cause for its downfall. “Now tell me, how can you eradicate this wrongness I have today?” the world ask with tears in her eyes. And by there, I could already hear her anguish – those silent tears and quiet sobs that made me feel afraid whether really I can alter what needs to be. Nevertheless, I will. Journalism. Newspapers. Journalists. – I now know why you’ve been missing out for quite some time. All along you’ve been left in the dim and been dragged to the darkness. But as I met you again last night, I’ve refreshed our memories and discovered more about you. And by now, my hopeful endeavor has been lit up to raise you up and to do what I am supposed to rightfully. I shall continue to strive and deliver to the public authentic and accurate news and information that they will hold not only in their hands but also in their minds and

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