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Appendix D Essay

  • Submitted by: ejgpmbd
  • on August 10, 2008
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Filling out appendix d certainly showed me some of the similarities and differences in views of how these categories are viewed. Though, there were many similarities in what I placed in a certain category and what my subject has placed in certain categories, there were some differences as well. In the “both” category is where I saw the most differences. We both agreed that family oriented and modest dress belonged to that category, while my subject felt like the American public perceives both groups as well educated, strict moral values, and religious content in education. I on the other hand, placed male dominated political environment, socially compliant, and governed by Biblical law in the “both” category.
The next group I found many differences in was the “Muslim and Arab Americans” group. While holding many similarities like oppressive to women, women as homemakers, governed by the Qur’an, violent, and sexist; the differences were many. I seemed to have found a lot more descriptors that I thought the American public would place in this category. Devout, fanatically religious, socially oppressed, socially exclusionary, and undereducated are all descriptors I have placed in this category based on what I think the American public would perceive.
There are most definitely both true and false descriptors placed within these categories. I do not believe that a person’s beliefs, or habits, the way they dress, even the way they talk can automatically determine a descriptor for the group that they “belong” to. For the sake of argument, I think one descriptor that is probably true, is in the “Muslim and Arab Americans” group. I do believe that this group is probably socially oppressed. After September 11, 2001, I believe this group was targeted by hate, and that their recovery back into the acceptance of society has been a serious struggle. I also think that in the “Christian Americans” group that secular content in education is probably true. Granted, there are...

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