Appendix C Together We Stand Essay

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Topic: Suspicious Breakout of sickness 1. Introduction New community plagued with sickness. Breakout of random cases have been reported with kids and adults becoming suddenly ill and the cause is unknown. Investigation to take place to see what the cause may be coming from. 1. Interveiw locals and with the ill and ask questions like: How long have you notice something was wrong? What are the symtoms of this illness? Was this a coinencedence and may it’s actually a virus? 2. Speak with the devolper of the subdivision and ask questions like: What was here before the demo for this subdivision was built on? Did they use any chemical regualrly during construction that got worse over the years because is wasn’t properly diposed of? How long did it take to build? - I would research all information from my interviews to get facts and cross reference any information that doesn’t seem credible or believeable. - I would reseach the plan for the development at the local library and see what was there before development for. Along with checking with the local city offical about the possibility of water conamination or is their a pond near by the subdivision that was built over, this can sometimes lead to water contamination. - I would erge the community to get their water tested for unknown chemicals. Conclusion: After all the developer came forward and apologized for the unsafe disposal of dangerus chemicals on the land the community now sits on. I think that standing up as one we brought him to justice for the health problems that have been recently reported for this outbreak. The demand for compensation is the next order of busniess agaisnt this developer and we wont rest until its

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