Appendix B Information Security Policy Essay

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Axia College Material Appendix B Information Security Policy Student Name: Brice Washington Axia College IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Professor Smith Date: 11/7/2011 Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Introduction 1 3. Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.1. Key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan 1 3.2. Disaster Recovery Test Plan 1 4. Physical Security Policy 1 4.1. Security of the facilities 1 4.1.1. Physical entry controls 1 4.1.2. Security offices, rooms and facilities 1 4.1.3. Isolated delivery and loading areas 2 4.2. Security of the information systems 2 4.2.1. Workplace protection 2 4.2.2. Unused ports and cabling 2 4.2.3. Network/server equipment 2 4.2.4. Equipment maintenance 2 4.2.5. Security of laptops/roaming equipment 2 5. Access Control Policy 2 6. Network Security Policy 3 7. References 3 Executive Summary Due in Week Nine: Write 3 to 4 paragraphs giving a bottom-line summary of the specific measureable goals and objectives of the security plan, which can be implemented to define optimal security architecture for the selected business scenario. With advancements in technology there is a need to constantly protect one’s investments and assets. This is true for any aspect of life. Bloom Design is growing and with that growth we must always be sure to stay on top of protecting ourselves with proper security. For Bloom Design the measurable goals and objectives are website traffic and building security throughout our various buildings. This means we’ll have to implement certain security features to protect Bloom Design and our customers. What we’re trying to protect is both data and material. By this I mean we’re protecting our own data as well as our designers’ data. We also have to protect

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