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Appendix #1 Essay

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Appendix #: Strategy 1 and 2 Costs

Currently, the following costs are provided by Corbetts. The IT worker makes $18/hour. The manager’s wage is $15/hour. The photographer will be given a wage of $15/hour.

Product descriptions

IT workers will be updating the website over a two day period. Descriptions will be implemented for each product and changes will be made to the layout for better cross comparison of product traits.
Timeline:   8 hours per day, 16 hours x $18 = $288  
Product descriptions will be written by the manager of Corbetts over a two day period.
Timeline: 8 hours per day, 16 hours x $15 = $240
Total cost for changing product descriptions and website layout: $528
Total implementation time for product descriptions will take one week.

Video Tutorials

Three new videos (skis, snowboards, apparel) will be created per week, taking approximately 15 minutes for a Corbetts employee to film. Editing these videos will take approximately half an hour, and uploading the videos to the website will take an hour.
Timeline: 3 hours total time per video x 3 videos per week = 9 hours per week
Total implementation time for video tutorials is 8 weeks.


The biggest cost associated with implementing the chat feature is the labour from the IT department as they will have to select a suitable chat software and install this onto Corbetts’ website.
Timeline: 2 weeks with 2 hours a day to conduct research = 10 days x 2 hours/ day = 20 hours x $18= $360
Cost of software = $600
Installation of software = 1 day x 5 hours = 5 hours x #18= $90
Total implementation cost for Chat is $1,050 and it will take approximately 3 weeks.

New photos

230 new apparel photographs will be uploaded.
Timeline: Photographing the products will take approximately 77 hours divided by the 6.5 hours per day of actual photo taking when taking into account lunch breaks, set up times, and take down times.
Photographs will take 20 minutes per photo to upload, and...

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