Appendicitis Essay

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3. Gastroenterology A patient has been admitted to the surgical unit with abdominal pain. He has had a severe episode of nausea and vomiting and complains that his pain is in the right iliac fossa area radiating to the umbilical region. He has not eaten for at least 48 hours. His skin is dry and dehydrated and he has a low grade pyrexia. He lives in student accommodation and has been revising for his university exams that will occur in 2 months time. Introduction Helen, a female aged 20 years with abdominal pain was admitted to the surgical unit. She was initially brought to Emergency department of the hospital. She was staying in student accommodation and has been revising for her university exams that were to take place in 2 months time.Sheexperienced severe episodes of nausea and vomiting .she complained of having pain in the right iliac fossa area radiating to umbilical area. Helen had not eaten for past 48 hours. She had a low- grade fever. Her skin was dry and dehydrated. .According to bickley(…) the complete health history and physical examination form the basic of clinical findings. History taking Patient history is pivotal to aid accurate diagnosis and rapid treatment.(about history………).History including client age,symptoms and health status will help to determine the scope of focused examinations(bates).So Miss Helen detail history was taken to obtain subjective data. The case of Miss.Helen 13/05/2014 10:00 AM Miss Helen is a 21 year old female student doing masters in business administration and staying in university accommodation. She is single.The source of referral is self referred..Bates (…..)explained thatFinding the referral source help to evaluate the given information and any probable bias.Information provided seems reliable. Chief complaints: “My stomach hurts,since yesterday night,feel

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