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Appendix H Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? ___Although Television is a way of entertainment and sources as learning for children, when dependent on it, there are negative effects that affect their health and development. _________________________________________________ I. Introduction II. Television A. Positive affects 1. Commercials 2. Shows B. Negative affects 1. Commercials 2. Shows III. Early years in Children watching Television A. Positive affects 1. Understanding more 2. Shows that are great for education B. Negative affects 1. Brain development 2. Behavior IV. Problems from excessive TV watching A. Obesity 1. Exposed to Ads that promotes unhealthy eating 2. Lack of exercise B. Copying what they see 1. Violence 2. Stereotyping race and people V. Solutions A. Parenting 1. Moderate what they watch 2. Limit the amount of how much they watch TV . VI. Conclusion The reason that I decided to write my outline in this order was to start from the beginning stages of the effects that are happening in children’s development and, the progress, as they grow older. I began my first body paragraph speaking on television; I felt that my audience would first need to know how the positives and negatives, of anyone watching TV, could affect their behavior. I then wanted to get into the early childhood stages, around the ages of 0-4, to explain early brain development in those years. My next paragraph provides readers with the disadvantages of excessive television; explaining the effects on both children’s physical health and behavior. The solution provides ways that can help children from developing mental and physical problems. In the end, I feel that the sequence of my paragraphs offer the best flow of writing. When putting it together, it is showing the audience where the development in

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