Appeasement Essay

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APPEASEMENT The year was 1940, tension between Germany and surrounding countries continued to grow. Germany was also still upset about how the First World War ended. Germany demanded Sutenland, or they would have started another world war. The countries decided for appeasement, which means that Germany received the land without any struggle. Many believe that appeasement was a good move, but it wasn’t. One reason appeasement wasn’t a good move was because it allowed Germany to become a much stronger nation. With the Rhineland taken, Germany wouldn’t stop there. This is made clear in Ethiopia’s plea to the League of nations “God and history will remember your judgment…It is us today. It will be you tomorrow.” (Document 2). It also helped Germany increase their army size, which would cost many lives later in the war. Another reason appeasement was the wrong action was because it allowed Germany to continue to break apart the binds that the treaty of Versailles held on it. Germany had already broken many of the laws set by the Versailles treaty, and with the nations allowing them to go into the de-militarized zone, Germany no longer had the treaty looking over its back. This is made evident by “Germany today cast off the last shackles fastened upon her by the Treaty of Versailles when Adolf Hitler, as commander-in-chief of the Reich defense forces, sent his new battalions into the Rhineland’s demilitarized zone” (Document 3). The final reason why appeasement why the worst option of the two was because it allowed Germany more time to make a “game plan” and make truces. Germany was able to produce a secret treaty with Stalin in Russia insuring a 10-year peace. This was a huge move by Germany because it converted the war from a 2-sided one like it was in WWI to a single front war, which is much easier to supply and win. With the supplied facts, you can easily

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