Appearances Can Be Deceiving Essay

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“Appearances can be deceiving” There was a little girl named Katherine. Her family was very poor and her clothes were poor and shabby (ponosite). She dreamt of having glamorous dresses, as her friends did. One day she found out that there was a Christmas party in her school. Hm, yes, as you guessed, she didn’t have the proper dress for the party, as her parents were poor. She knew that all the fancy dresses were extremely expensive. She went to her mum and told her about the party where she would like to go to. Her mum was sad for Katherine, but (pause) yes, like all mothers do, she helped her Katherine too: she borrowed some money and went together straight to the boutique to buy Katherine that lovely dress with the picture of Cinderella that she had seen. Katherine was very excited: she felt like she was a princess herself! Her shoes were gorgeous, they cost a fortune, you can imagine that! She looked and she was absolutely happy about her outfit! While she was eating there, she dropped some ketchup on her new dress. She was horrified: her glamorous dress ruined! She got immediately home and there her mom realized that she needed to wash the dress. But when the cleaning machine finished washing the dress, Katherine and her mom saw the result: it was incredibly horrible! The picture with Cinderella vanished. What initially was a stylish (and expensive! – accentuezi acest amanunt cu vocea) dress, it became just a mere cloth! Now she knows that appearances can be deceiving sometimes. Not everything that is stylish and expensive is of a good quality! Thank you for your attention! Are there any

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