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Does everyone hate or dislike a certain type of person? Do people continuously make snap judgments of others based upon appearance? Do people really believe in stereotypes they hear about ethnicities? Are individuals naturally afraid of in familiar cultures? These questions are explored by Director Paul Haggins in the provocative 2005 film Crash set in contemporary Los Angeles, Crash is an explosive exploration of prejudice. Sometimes we pick up bad habits from the people we see on TV. What one comedian considers just a harmless joke, turns into something more serious. Imagine being a little black girl living in an all black community. She hears the man on the television screen talking down on whites. Then she hears it again and again. After while she forms an opinion based solely on one mans interpretation. And since there are only people who look like her all around, it will be awhile before she can form an opinion on her own. It is easy to be afraid of someone who looks differently than you. In the movie Crash a white woman crosses the street rather than share the sidewalk with a black man. She has her mind made up that black men will steal from and rape white helpless women. This movie take place around Christmas time, but no one is acting as though this is the Christmas season. Racism is alive and real, even when people are supposed to be the most giving and selfless. Stereotypes are formed when an individual is young. They are passed from generation to generation like the family jewels. It is not something that just happens. Stereotypes were created to make one race feel superior to the other races. A white woman in Crash looked down on a Mexican man who was fixing her door. He had not done anything wrong, but in her mind, (it was already made up) he was no good. Everyone has a crash moment. Someone called me a nigger while I was crossing the street.

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