Appeals Process Paper

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Appeals Process Paper CJS/220 07/3/2014 Appeals Process An appeal is when a defendant has already been found guilty in court, and they decide to take to it to a higher court in order to change the ruling ( Meyer & Grant)/. As mention in the text, any defendant found guilty of , of any charge is entitled to an appeal to at least one level of appellate court (Meyer & Grant,2003). This is a process that takes place, because the defendant and their attorney do not feel that the verdict given was accurate; and that that could be due to many different reasons. The appeal process begins shortly after the trail, when the defense sends an appeal to the court. Appeals ensure that there was a fair trial given and no rights were violated (Meyer & Grant, 2003). An appeal process is the step-by-step actions taken to bring about an appeal that requires: transcript request, file briefing, official consideration, and decision. The steps in the appeal process in the simplest identity, is a motion with option to capture and overturn it. Appeals factor in to the overall criminal justice process, because in the end they can change laws or amendments. The Miranda rights are a great example of this. They came about after someone went back and challenged the court. It was then that the Miranda rights became part of the law and the criminal justice process. Just because a criminal goes to court and is decided guilty and is charged with whatever he/she was being charged with, does not mean that the process is over and he /she accepts the sentence and it is done. The defendant may decide something went wrong to have a way of proving their innocence. Then, they will submit an appeal and may end up getting out of the original sentence given. In my opinion, it is known by authorities that rights o
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