Appeals Process Paper

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Appeals Process Paper Sheri Traylor CJS 220 03-22-2013 Robert Greenwood In the Appellate Courts, the process and procedures vary with every case. There are so many factors that play a role in an appeal. In this paper the appeals process will be explained and how courts decide on how to proceed. An appeal is the proceeding in which cases are brought before the higher courts for review of the lower court’s judgment for the purpose of trying to convince higher courts the sentences were incorrect from the lower courts, and the evidence is not efficient enough to prosecute the individuals. Appeals factor into the criminal processes and procedures by ensuring the defendant he/she has received due process at the earlier stages of the process and this is an important part of the criminal process. The reason stated is because “checks and balances” which are the critical means for pursuing specific legal goals in an individual’s case have to be right or it can destroy the case. The Appellate courts play one of the most important roles of our criminal justice system process because they have the jurisdiction to overrule any judge or jury’s decision in the lower courts. However, it can hurt an individual who pursues an appeal because the appeals court might feel they did not receive the maximum sentence deserved for the crime committed. Therefore, they do not have to set any examples for re-elections or satisfy the media in any form. They strictly go by the Constitution and the Amendments and do not give slack. They also can deny any appeal for individuals without explanation of why they chose not to allow the appeal. The Appellate court are bridges that link legal theory and practice as an means of translating abstract concepts into concrete
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