Appeals Process Paper

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Appeals Process Paper CJS/220 October 23, 2011 Appeals Process Paper An appeal is a process is a process that defendant can start after they have been found guilty for some or all charges to at least one appellate court. Depending on the appeal and the nature of the crime it can go as high as the United States Supreme Court. An appeal is a request of a higher court to review the case, decisions, or actions of the lower court. Appeals are made available to offenders after they have had their trial and usually the start an appeal if they believe that their trial was not handled correctly or there was more evidence that could not be submitted or the defendant is innocent and wants to try again to have someone believe his story, those are just a few reasons why the process is started. The appeals process can be a long drawn out process that clogs up the court systems, because when the appeal is sent in to a higher court and that court believes that a new trial should begin then that is what happens. I believe the appeals process can be improved by stopping some of it. When a person is sent to trial for a crime they are accused of committing, the attorneys should let all information new and old be entered in to evidence and let the defense and the prosecution be able to provide any witness they need to either prove innocence or prosecute without a shadow of a doubt. There would then only be one trial and one sentence that could not be overturned, this would slow the appeals process way down. One appeal process that I have followed would be that of the convicted murder John Paul Penry, this crime occurred where I live, and since it such a small town everyone knows about it and a lot of people were related to this women, so it is an issue that is continuously brought up, and quite personal to all of us. In 1978 John Paul
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