Apparel Industry Essay

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RMUTP International Conference: Textiles & Fashion 2012 July 3-4, 2012, Bangkok Thailand APPAREL PRODUCT EVALUATION AND QUALITY PERCEPTION OF TURKISH CONSUMERS Canan SARICAM1, Fatma KALAOGLU1, Yasin Sercan OZDUYGU1, Hulya ORUN1 Istanbul Technical University,Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design,Department of Textile Engineering, Istanbul, TURKEY Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discover the product evaluation and quality perception of Turkish consumers by focusing on the product attributes and their relations with the social and demographic factors. A survey composed of six basic groups of questions was prepared. Five groups of questions belong to the product attributes that are determined based on the literature as ‘Fashion or trendiness’, ‘Brand name or image’, ‘Style and fit’, ‘Durability and performance’ and ‘Price’ were prepared. The questionnaire is sent to 1000 people and the respond rate is 63.2%. The data is analyzed using non parametric variance analysis and t-tests. The findings are compared with the results obtained in the previously established studies both in Turkey and the other countries. 1. Introduction People have benefited clothing to protect themselves from bad conditions of environment since first age. However, in our present day, clothing is considered as a social necessity beside requirement. The business environment of fashion sector has been constantly changing and the development and implementation of marketing strategy has a critical importance for the apparel firms to lead their growths or long term survival [1]. Thus, determination of consumers’ tastes and choices with the understanding of their quality perception and analyzing the reasons lying beneath these behaviors are significant points of concern. Based on the consumer behavior principles, there are several factors including demographical,
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