Apotemnophilia: the One Time Someone Wants to Lose

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Apotemnophilia: The One Time Someone Wants to Lose Everyone has a different definition of happiness, but in Carl Elliott’s article “A New Way to be Mad” he discusses people who are happier without. Apotemnophilia is a psychological disorder that causes someone to purposely try to lose a limb in order to make himself or herself complete. Carl Elliott discusses individuals who do not feel whole because they have healthy limbs. In “A New Way to be Mad,” John Money termed “apotemnophilia” as an attraction to the idea of being an amputee (73). Thus, they have the desire to have a specific limb removed in order to feel whole. The act of creating a disability on purpose is something that I am against. Apotemnophilia should not be promoted because it is unhealthy, unethical, and an encouragement of a dangerous life style. Someone with optimal health is considered to be healthy both physically and mentally. Apotemnophilia inhibits both mental and physical aspects of health. Those who suffer from this disease have invasive thoughts of unfulfillment and alleviate the feeling by undergoing surgeries to have their limbs removed to live their fantasies. Ultimately, these desires to have a limb removed are not always permitted which provokes them to seek “Civil War” surgeries. “In May of 1998 a seventy-nine-year-old man from New York traveled to Mexico and paid $10,000 for a black-market leg amputation; he died of gangrene in a motel (73).” People who desire to have their limbs removed will go to any extreme to satisfy this fetish not taking into account the health risks. “Both Smith and Reid pointed out that these people may do themselves unintended harm or even kill themselves trying to amputate their own limbs (73).” There are brave individuals who have lost their limbs that make the best of what they have. The unforeseen circumstances of people who lose a
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