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Dear Cal, I am not writing you this letter as an apology because I am not sorry for all that I have done to people in the past. This is just an explanation of why I have done all I have. But I’ll be honest; I still don’t understand some things myself. I am not entirely sure whether I was born with this evil inside me or whether it was my choice. My upbringing did not seem to be a likely place to foster dissent and animosity in a young girl. My parents were loving and eager to educate and entertain me. Unfortunately, I was not a standard child. I was quite different from other children. This fact was very obvious to my parents and the townspeople. Similar to other children, I learned how to use certain facts and pieces of information to…show more content…
When Adam, who merely wanted to tell me that his brother bequeathed a hefty sum of money to me, confronted me I reacted in fear and trepidation. I racked my mind, attempting to identify what Adam really wanted. Of course, I couldn’t pinpoint his underlying motive because it did not exist. I became angry because he was no longer a fool I could deceive and trick anymore. Adam learned to stand on his own feet and doesn't care about what I think about him. I reacted in a similar way when you came to visit me. I realized that many of my undesirable traits are present in your personality and I was turned away from you in fear and revulsion. These two incidents support the idea that maybe I indeed wasn’t born evil, but simply developed the personality as time…show more content…
However, it is very difficult to entirely believe that I choose to be evil to that extreme. Every waking moment of my life was devoted to bringing other people down to their knees and pulling myself above the huddled masses. I achieved this through devious operations that trapped scores of men in compromising positions and by clever scheming that allowed me to take over one of the most successful brothels in Salinas. I was a secretive person who went to great measures to cover my feelings. In turn, this veil prevents a clear identification of the source of my

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