Apollo Shoes Sales and Collection Cycle

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Sales and Collection Cycle The sales and collection cycle will entail researching of Apollo Shoes journal of sales in search of abnormal transactions and records. The process of this audit test procedures begins when a customer purchases a product from Apollo, and ends with the receipt of the complete payment from the customer. The test of controls the auditors will perform comprises the completeness, accuracy, and classification of transactions and will include accounting for a sequence of shipping documents, observing whether monthly statements are sent, and examining document packaging for internal verification. It will also test of controls for a sequence of shipping documents and the substantive tests will be to compare the date of recording the sale in the sales journal with duplicate sales invoices and bills of lading. Finally, the test of controls for the posting and summarization objective will be to examine evidence that the accounts receivable master file is reconciled to the general ledger and observe whether monthly statements are sent to customers. Transaction-Related Audit Objectives Key Internal Controls Tests of Controls Substantive Tests of Transactions Recorded sales transactions are accurate. Sales and amounts are internally verified for description of the order and quantity. Examine indication of internal verification Compare recorded transitions in the sales acquisitions journal with the vendor’s invoice, receiving report, and other supporting documents. Sales invoices, shipping documents, and sales orders are pre-numbered for Apollo. All invoice numbers are accounted for by an accounts receivable clerk. Account for a sequence of invoices. Reconcile recorded sales invoices with the sales journal of Apollo. Shipping of goods are correct and complete. Merchandise shipped is internally verified. Review the shipment of goods.
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