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I am writing to introduce myself, my company, and the auditing and assurance services we can offer to Apollo Shoes. In this letter I will discuss the benefits of our services as well as the role we will provide and the requirements for meeting the standards for the services we offer. We have offered auditing and assurance services for many years to companies statewide. Auditing and Assurance Services Available Our firm offers many auditing and assurance services that your company would benefit from our firm provide. The firm offers historical financial statements, this type of service will allow the auditor to assert that the statements are fairly stated according to an applicable standard. According to the International Accounting Standard…show more content…
Many non-public companies use this attestation to provide limited assurance about financial statements without spending too much on an audit. The benefit of attestation services on information technology is that they reduce the risks of losing sensitive information. They also protect the confidentiality of such information. The last benefit is the benefit of an operational audit. This review is not only limited to accounting. This review may cover the evaluation of computer operations, production operations, and other areas where we are qualified like organizational structure and marketing. My Role in Providing the Available Services As the lead auditor, my role is to assemble the audit team that will provide services in your area. Our team members are adequately experienced and will meet any special needs of your company. As the lead auditor, I will supervise the audit and any attestation service required of us with integrity and independence. I will also be the contact between your company and ours. The audit team members are highly qualified and will detect any fraud. Our core philosophy is to make sure that our clients achieve their objectives. Once we understand your company’s objectives, we will use the skills and insight available to us to outline the risks associated with achieving these

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