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Apollo-Son of Zeus and God of Many Things The god that was chosen is the god of archery, the god of light, and the god of healing, my god is Apollo. Apollo is important to Greek society because he brings many pleasing and important things. He brings the pleasing sound of music and the pleasing sight of art. The important thing he brings is the power to heal. It is said that he can heal anything. The Greeks and Romans honor him with a festival called Apollonius Sophistes (Geocites np). Apollo will be being described in this next paragraph. This paragraph about Apollo is about his appearance. Apollo is a young, handsome, tall man with the appearance of a robust strong man. He wasn’t at all immature, and was a god of ever-renewed youth. Apollo was always full of energy, but sometimes that energy turned into violence. He was a model for all young people. He had a silverish tint within his long black curls upon hair that was never cut. His charm attracted many followers. He was the archetype of masculine beauty, and at the same time of masculine qualities. Apollo was often unhappy in love, even though he was very successful goddesses and mortals. Apollo’s symbol is that of the tripod. The tripod is what Apollo found the oracles…show more content…
Apollo was born on the little island of Delos. The reason Apollo was born here is because Hera became jealous and pursued Leto (his mother) from bringing him into the world on earth. So Leto was forced to go to the barren island of Delos to have her twins, Apollo and Artemis. Artemis was Apollo’s twin sister, his mother was Leto, and his father was Zeus. When Apollo was born a group of swans encircled the island, and now swans are one of his most sacred animals. One of Apollo’s most important sanctuaries is now the island of Delos. Later in his life he had a wife and two children (). That is most of his family history. The next paragraph will tell about a visual

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