Apollo 13 Leadership Paper

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Apply the concepts presented in chapter 17 to the following facts situations. I. Old McDonald enters into a contract to have his wheat harvested. The contract provides that "JonDear Inc. will harvest Old McDonald's 200 acres for $2000." When the wheat is ready to harvest JonDear's combine breaks down and JonDear decides to transfer its responsibility under the contract to Swather Co.. The agreement between JonDear and Swather provides that "JonDear will pay Swather Co. $1600 to harvest Old Mcdonald's 200 acres wheat." Swather Co. does not perform and Old McDonald's crop rots in the field. 1. Identify the contractual rights and duties of Old McDonald and JonDear. A condition precedent is a condition which if it occurs gives rise to a duty to perform. 2. Was the agreement between JonDear and Swather an assignment, delegation or both? They both agreed Label the parties with the proper terminology. 3. Can Old McDonald refuse to accept performance from Swather? Yes because breach of a contract occurs when a party fails to perform their contractual duties or their performance does not rise to the level of performance required by the contract. 4. Swather has no assets so Old McDonald sues JonDear for the loss of his crop. JonDear argues that it should not be liable because it was Swather's responsibility to harvest the wheat. How will this be resolved? Compensatory damages attempt to compensate the non-breaching party for the loss of the bargain. To determine the amount of compensatory damages you have to determine the loss of value suffered as a result of the breach. Loss of value is measured differently according to what type of contract was breached. II. Brent enters into a contract to purchase a car from Slick Willy's Auto Sales. The contract provides that, "Brent will pay $2400 for a 1976 Ford

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