Apollo 13 Group Dynamics

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The Apollo 13 mission was scheduled to be a routine trip to the moon, since the U.S. had already won the race to space by landing on the moon. The crew consisted of three astronauts; Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert. All three astronauts were experienced and knowledgeable about their mission, especially so with captain Jim Lovell who had already been to space on Apollo 11. In Apollo 13 the teams ability to handle different scenarios were tested prior to their departure during their training program. It is also important to note that the crew members had a personal connection, which contributed to the effectiveness of a team. In the opening scene of the movie the crew members are having a barbeque together with their families, most newly formed groups do not have the luxury of knowing each other that intimately. It’s clear that the crew mates have a friendship that goes beyond work and into their personal lives. The astronauts of Apollo 13, as well as the ground control team, share a high level of problem solving ability and a high level of trust for each other, which is tested at various points in the film. In one scene the team successfully follows the instructions on how to build a CO2 filter from the items available to them on the space craft. This example is key as to how teams can function effectively, since the initial construction of the filter was done by the ground control team and then communicated by radio to the spacecraft. Another scene which gives an example of similar problem solving skills was during an issue with the navigation equipment, in which the crew loses access to navigation tools. The team worked together to keep the moon centered in a small window to avoid losing their trajectory to Earth. A quick response to such a serious situation could only have been achieved by an experienced team. The film also offers an example of

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