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Apollo 13, the third manned mission in the American Apollo Space System, commanded by James A. Lovell, John Swigert, and Fred W. Haise, launched on April 11, 1970. The spacecraft was intended to land on the moon until two days later when an oxygen tank ruptured and severely damaged the electrical system. The command modules were still working but were turned off to preserve its capability in re-entering the earth’s atmosphere when returning home. The crew went through many challenges through difficult conditions due to limitation on power, cabin heat, and water but successfully returned home. Principals have reported that the film is overall faithful to the facts on the mission but adds some tension between the astronauts for dramatic effect. Most movies based on historical events tend to be very episodic, but the movie Apollo 13 has a very powerful driving and suspenseful quality. The movie really lets people know what it was like to be on the mission, there is no reason to add anything different to it besides what actually happened because the reality of the movie is very entertaining. Though, some scenes were changed to make the film flow more smoothly for dramatic reasons but no dialog was changed to make the film easier to understand. In the film, they reported that the oxygen tank had exploded but the official accident investigation report didn’t conclude that the oxygen tank had exploded. Instead, the report described the multiple safeties like pressure relief valves and rupture discs that are designed so that the spacecraft pressure vessels would not explode. The film shows that the oxygen tank "explosion" occurred almost immediately after the tank-stir switch was thrown, there was even a delay of 93 seconds between the stir command and the tank failure. In a scene that was shot the night before the launch, the astronauts were separated

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