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In Francis Coppola’s Apocalypse Now it shows a scene that goes from intensity to a whole new level of crazy. Coppola does a very good job of showing the emotions of the man in the apartment through many film effects that catch the attention of the viewer and hook them into the craziness that happens in the scene. The dramatic scene could only be shown with the brilliant work of the director as he integrates the film effects into the scene to capture what is actually happening. The scene is captured by lots of fire and noises that can be seen through very important effects. One effect in the framing portion of the film industry is the close up which in the movie was used to show the intensity in the man’s face as he is lying on his bed in the apartment and a fiery scene is depicted. Also while the man is lying in bed it seems there is a soft focus that makes the man’s face standout and there is just a crazy sparkle in his eye making him seem a little bit on the edge. But on the other side of the focus there is a few seconds of deep focus while he peeks out the window and sees Sygon clearly and brightly. Which shows a little light to the scene and makes it seem like the attitude might lift a little bit. There are also parts of the movie that tell you that the man feels out of place in the apartment such as when he is standing at the window and the camera is in a dutch angle which makes the picture look out of place and weird. The man also is depicted as a small object in the apartment because most of the scene is at a high angle showing how small the man is viewed. Coppola also adds some view into the film as he pans around the apartment showing just how the guys life is looking. He shows alcohol and cigarettes and guns that make you feel depressed much like the man in the scene. As far as sounds in the scene go they hook the viewer by all the intense music

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