Apn And Negotiation Essay

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Running Head: APNs AND ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION The role of Advanced Practice Nurses in alternative dispute resolution: Improving the workplace The idea of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), specifically the Nurse Practitioner (NP), was first documented in the late 1950’s. Their roles have emerged and grown immensely over time. The significance of the APN is largely due to the changes in healthcare, patient needs and expectations, and governmental pressures on reimbursement and managed care issues. Furthermore, the APN has grown within the United States healthcare system due to the shift from hospital delivered care to community delivered care, the increase demand in patient advocacy, and the global change in attitudes about the competence of a nurse. The occurrence of these events gives the APN more opportunities for growth and involvement in the healthcare organization. Several instances in the 21st century have already contributed to the emergence of APNs such as the increase in the elderly population, increased complexity of hospitalized patients, decrease in resident clinical hours, and a major nursing shortage. These factors will continue to influence the role and need of the APN in the future (Keane & Becker, 2009). Today, the APN continues to move towards an independent career, practice autonomy, and less physician supervision. However, this does not suggest sacrificing unity and teamwork within health care. The current healthcare trends emphasize the need for a collaborative environment; therefore, suggesting the need for providers who are experienced in leadership and negotiation. Overall, healthcare has a variety of disciplines working together leading to frequent disputes and opportunities for negotiation. To ensure healthy work environments, as suggested by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, collaboration should be the

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