Apathetic Workers Case Study

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Apathetic Workers Submitted by: Brown, Bryce Dhungana, Angela Egbert, Benjamin Kesler, Jeffery Montgomery, Andrew Salt Lake Community College COMM 1010-020 August 7, 2013 Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Project Description 3 Methods 5 Our Main Problem 5 Analysis of the Problem 5 Criteria 8 Brainstorming 9 Analysis of Possible Solutions 10 Implementing the Solution 11 Conclusion 12 Works Cited 13 Appendices 14-16 Appendix I: Team Contract 14 Appendix II: Comparison Chart 15 Appendix III: Participation Points 16 Executive Summary This report is to summarize our problem solving process…show more content…
We then analyzed the situation to its fullest by having each group member, using the reflective thinking process, focus on a key area of the problem (Communicating at Work, Pg.232-237) The key areas are the characteristics, stakeholders, history, policies and politics, and resources available. After careful collaboration on our findings, we were able to easily assign criteria and brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Our Main Problem: How can we most effectively motivate our coworkers to maintain constructive attitudes and keep up with our production quota without any employee being fired? This open-ended question vital to keeping our group focused on inventing many different possible answers instead of focusing on a single end. This strategy invites a broader, more detailed range of responses (communicating at work, pg. 146). Analysis of the Problem: I. Characteristics Our company is relatively new, being established within the last year. We have so far had very good reports from customers about the way our machines are assembled. There are several different aspects that come into play with these…show more content…
If we feel we may not make an appointed meeting, we will message the other members of the group with our materials for that meeting no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the meeting. We will give each other time to express their thoughts and feelings and offer encouragement, support, and constructive criticism when necessary. We will make every effort to keep our meetings under 60 minutes. If we go over the 60 minutes we will try to wrap things up as fast and effectively has possible, not hold it against anyone that leaves and if necessary try to schedule an additional meeting or coordinate on-line to wrap up any unfinished business. We will strive to keep our meetings on the conversation topic and make sure we do not interrupt each other while speaking with “off subject” topics. We will all study the materials related to our individual tasks and subjects before every meeting and come prepared to discuss the topic of the day. Individual Assignments: Bryce Brown – Timekeeper and Gatekeeper Angela Dhungana – Note taker and Timekeeper Andrew Montgomery – Information Agent and Devil’s

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