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Apartheid. Was it Brutal and Unjust? Apartheid, the Afrikaans word meaning separateness (literally, apartness)#. In South Africa apartheid has become a large issue for the blacks and whites. Apartheid was a system that had legal separation and discrimination on the blacks. Apartheid was a government policy that was invented in the 1930s by SABRA (South African Bureau of Race Relations). #There was petty Apartheid introduced so that black people couldn’t use the same building as white people. This was introduced to stop white and black people mixing. It also affected benches, water fountains and also beaches to humiliate anyone who wasn’t white. Black people weren’t allowed to marry or have sexual relationships with people who aren’t the same color, to stop the spread of coloured people and the National Party stayed in power by making sure only white people could vote. Admittedly the apartheid system was brutal and unjust. The Soweto Massacre is just one of many examples that shows just how brutal the apartheid system was. The Soweto massacre of 1976 was one of the most disturbing events that ever happened in the time of apartheid. #The Soweto Massacre occurred when students who were influence by Steve Biko would no longer adjust to the South African educational system. The curriculum in black schools was designed to reinforce the Apartheid system. The students were prepared to be laborers to white bosses and would obtain skills needed to separate Black “Bantustans”#. One of the main reasons why the students started protesting was because there was a requirement for students to be taught the language of their persecutors.# On June 16,1976 there was an estimated twenty thousand students who marched in protest of apartheid.When the police arrived shots were fired and the students fled the streets. The massacre lasted about three days, and during those three days

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