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H APAH CHAPTER 3 (13th Edition) NAME Joey Shreve SETTLING THE NORTHERN COLONIES, 1619-1700 Either answer the following questions, or identify, define, or describe the following names or terms. Also, state the historical significance of each name or term. 1. What was the Protestant Reformation? Who began it? What impact did it have on America? - A movement of the Protestant religion begun by Martin Luther in 1577. It affected the thought and character of generations who were yet to be born. 2. Describe Calvinist beliefs regarding: predestination, conversion, and “visible saints.” -Predestination- those going to Heaven or hell has already been determined by God. Conversion- the receipt of God’s free gift of saving grace. Visible Saints- expected to live holy lives and demonstrate holy behavior. 3. Henry VIII - He started the Protestant Church of England. 4. How did the Puritans disagree with Henry VIII? - They tried to purify the church of England. They believed only visible saints could be members of the church but King Henry VIII said anybody could go. 5. Who were the Separatists? - A group of puritans who wanted to leave the church of England.

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