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Running head: ABBREVIATED TITLE FOR RUNNING HEAD (This version of the template published on 27 September 2006) Paper Title Author name Course Teacher Date (This student details section does not appear in APA. It uses Student Cover Info non APA style) Student Name Street Address City, State, Zip E-mail address Teacher Name Abstract A written assignment of 10 pages or more must also include a separate page, following the title page, with up to 120 words of abstract (less than the length of this paragraph). The paragraph style for this is APA Abstract. If you write 10 pages for an eight-page assignment, there is no need to provide an abstract. The title page, abstract page (if present) and reference list do not count toward the page total for a written assignment; see the APA Publication Manual (2001, p. 298) for definitive information. As a rule of thumb, write the abstract after your paper is complete. There is no need to write an abstract from scratch; you may include sentences—sentences you have written, not literal quotations of others’ writing—copied from your paper. If you need to know what goes into an abstract, consult the APA manual (2001, pp. 12–15). Table of Contents Introduction 4 Heading Level 1 5 Heading Level 3 5 The Table of Contents 5 Text Formatting 6 Figure Captions 6 Lists of Related Items 6 Citations 7 Quotations 7 The Reference List 8 REFERENCES 9 Paper Title Introduction This template contains formatting and explanatory text in conformance with fifth edition style of the American Psychological Association (APA). Course assignments may specify formatting different from the information given here. Formatting appears as Microsoft Word paragraph and character styles, whose names are underlined for clarity in this document. This underlining is not part of APA style. To save this

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