APA Style Guide Essay

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APA (5th edition) Cheat Sheet **DOUBLE SPACE EVERYTHING!** **ONLY ONE SPACE AFTER ALL PUNCTUATION MARKS !** Title Page Header o half inch from top margin o abbreviated title (two or three words) o five spaces o then…insert page number (title page starts with page 1) Center in the center of the page o title of paper—capitalize all major words—do not capitalize articles (a, an, the) or prepositions (of, from, through), unless it is the first word of the title) o author's name o University of Phoenix o course title and number o instructor's name o date of submission o double space everything, use normal font in a 12-point size o see sample title page at end of this post Abstract o only used if paper is eight pages or longer or if instructor requires one o use new page o summarize subject, research methods, findings, and conclusions in about 100 words or instructor's specifications Main Text or Body of Paper o normal font (Times New Roman) in size 12 o ragged right edge o one inch margins top, bottom, and right, one and a half inch on left margin o double space from header—title—which is repeated on first page of main text o double space from title o indent first paragraph five to seven spaces o only add one space between words, after a period, and after all punctuation (adding two spaces after end punctuation is a hard habit to break) References o double space everything and add only one space after all punctuation o start on a new page o use hanging indent (first line is flush left and subsequent lines are indented five to seven spaces) o double space from header—References—double space o entries should be alphabetical by author o resources cited in the
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