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APA Citation Style (6th Edition) Part I. Basic Rules for In-Text & Parenthetical Citations A. Quotes with fewer than 40 words B. Quotes with more than 40 words C. Paraphrases or summaries D. In-Text & Parenthetical Documentation Chart p. 2 p. 2 p. 3 p. 4 Part II. Basics of APA “References” A. Elements of an APA Citation B. Basic Rules of ―References‖ List Entries: Organization and formatting, author‘s names, alphabetization, publication dates, capitalization, italics, Digital Object Identifier (DOI), classical works, and personal communications C. Citation Abbreviations p. 6 p. 7 p. 9 Part III. Citation Examples for “References” List A. Books B. E-books C. Articles (from a print publication) D. Online Sources a. From the Free Web b. From Subscription Databases E. Media F. Images G. Government Publications H. Interviews p. 10 p. 12 p. 13 p. 14 p. 14 p. 17 p. 19 p. 20 p. 21 p. 22 Part IV. Sample “References” p. 23 For complete explanations, refer to the APA Publication Manual: American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, D.C.: Author. Copies are available: at the LaGuardia Reference Desk; and in the Reference Collection, REF BF 76.7 .P83 2010 Part NOTE: Rule numbers inIn-Text & Parenthetical Citations (6th ed.). I. Basic Rules for sections below refer to the Publication Manual 5/5/11 – LF & EN APA Style uses a combination of in-text and parenthetical citations for quoting or paraphrasing a work. (Complete bibliographical information is given only once, in the bibliography called ―References‖ on a separate page at the end of the paper – see Parts II and III, below.) A. Quotes with fewer than 40 words: Examples: Tram and Cole (2006) studied children and early adolescents to quantify the extent to which ―[d]epression predicts later depression‖ (p. 674). or

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