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Running head: Shortened title Title: 10-12 words ideal Joe L. Cool PSY###, Smart University 22 June, 2009 Abstract Gender differences and similarities exist in all aspects of human interaction. This paper evaluates two articles written on varying aspects of Gender particularities. The first article, The Medium Makes a Difference: Gender Similarities and Differences in Instant Messaging, studied the syntax specific to men and women in Instant Messaging (IMing). It addressed the speaker’s gender and the intended audience’s gender as it pertains to speech and syntax within the IM. The second article, Male Gender Role Conflict and Willingness to Seek Counseling: Testing a Mediation Model on College-Aged Men, sought to determine what mediating societal factors kept college-aged men from seeking professional help, such as intensified self-stigmas and a societal tendency to avoid discussing personal emotions, which in turn increases the effects of whatever psychological troubles they are experiencing, thus increasing their need to seek counseling. Both articles are well written for their intended audiences. LEVEL 5 (ONLY IF 5 LEVELS) Level One, Use First and Always Level Two, Use If Four Levels of Headings Level Three, Use If Two Levels of Headings Required Level four, use if four levels of headings. Introduction Consider the following: Why is the problem important? How do the hypothesis and the experimental design relate to the problem? What are the theoretical implications of the study and how does it relate to previous work in the area? What theoretical propositions are tested, and how were they derived? Discuss the lit, but don’t include an exhaustive historical review. Demonstrate the logical continuity between previous and present work. State the purpose and rationale. Method (or Historical
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