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APA FORMATTING AND STYLE Formatting Requirements, APA 8.03 1. Running header: Although required in articles submitted to APA for publication, the header is not used in Capella’s comprehensive exam or dissertation. 2. Page margins: Template is set with 1 in. margins on all sides. 3. Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt. 4. Paragraphs: Indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch; the right margin is ragged, not justified. APA notes in its sixth edition corrections that two spaces between sentences is a recommendation, not a rule. Whether one space or two is required in your school, be consistent. 5. Spacing: All text must be double-spaced. Ethics 1. Plagiarism (APA 1.10, 6.01). Writers are expected to show a working familiarity with the ethics regarding crediting the author of a work the writer has paraphrased or quoted or whose ideas the writer has used. 2. Bias. Writers are expected to show a working familiarity with the general guidelines for reducing bias discussed on pp. 71-77. Writing Clearly and Concisely, APA Chapter 3 Writers are expected to show a working familiarity with the principles discussed in Chapter 3 regarding writing that is organized and persuasive. 1. Aim for clear communication that is orderly, smooth, and precise. Use transitional words to help achieve continuity and avoid abruptness. Read APA 3.05-3.10. 2. Vary sentence length for reading interest; keep paragraphs from getting too long (p. 68). 3. Avoid colloquial expressions, jargon, and anthropomorphism (APA 3.09). 4. Avoid using contractions in academic writing (e.g., write do not rather than don’t). 5. Be aware that you can accidentally introduce ambiguity by using a pronoun for which the noun it refers to is either missing or not obvious (examples of pronouns: this, that, these, those; APA 3.09), and by overusing the passive voice (APA 3.18). 6. Present parallel

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