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References Rosenburg, J. (2005, April 10). Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. About.com . Retrieved from http://history1900s.about.com/od/people/p/jimjones.htm This was a good background on Jim Jones and how the Peoples Temple came to be. When he was young he would hold mock services and preach over dead animals. He was married and had one child of his own. They adopted numerous other children from various ethnicities. Peoples Temple was founded in 1956 in Indiana as a racially integrated church that helped those in need. As Jones became more and more vocal, Indiana began putting pressure on him. He looked to California to move his church. Some 65 families followed him there. His focus in his sermons was of loyalty and sacrifice. As Jim began getting more and more paranoid, he began using drugs to ease the symptoms. His preachings became more erratic with convincing his followers he was “God”. He convinced them to give him all of their earnings and anything of value. This gave him the “father like” powers over the congregation. Greenberg, J. "Jim Jones: The Deadly Hypnotist." Academic Search Complete. Web. Retrieved from . This article gave nice information on what points Jim Jones was able to brainwash his followers. First he took ownership of their property and money. Some followers even signed over their children to him. Then he weakened the family. He was involved in many extramarital affairs. He created a no escape policy. He also put himself on top with many guards and committee members surrounding him. Jim Jones also had control over their speech. The followers were punished with a paddle in front of everyone if they spoke out with criticism. He would not allow any outside information to leak into the community. Only his words were spoken both day and night. Jones was called a hypnotist because of his uncanny ways he

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