Ap World Religion Dbq Essay

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Kevin Sebastian Pd 4 Global History Essay Religion has existed wherever there has been a civilization. Whether it be in Egypt 5000 years ago or Spain in the 9th century. Religion has influenced mankind in many ways. In this essay you will be reading about how two religions, Islam and Buddhism, influenced people and their culture wherever they went. Spain was heavily influenced under the religion Islam. Muslims who were in Spain were known as Moors. The people who lived Cordova, the capital of their empire, lived a life of great luxury. The streets of Cordova were solidly paved and they had street lambs lighting roads for as far as 10 miles(Document 1). In addition to the paved roads Cordova had about 700 mosques, 300 baths and over 70 libraries. Universities sprang up in Cordova because of the flood of information, people were training in the art of law. Great advancements in math and science were made, the Arabic number…show more content…
The spread of Buddhism was not organized, Buddhist monks usually travelled with traders and royal emissaries(Document 6). According to records the first missionaries were sent to Sri Lanka, an island south of India. This trip was led by the son of Asoka who was the king of the Mayurian dynasty(Document 6). After Sri Lanka Buddhist monks travelled to many other places such as China, Korea, Burma, Japan and many other places. Buddhism had a major influence in Japan both culturally and politically(Document 8). Buddhism spread to Japan from China but the religion influenced Japan more than china. Buddhism has influenced Japan so much that some historians divide up Japan before and after Buddhism. Factionalism was introduced in Japan after Buddhism. Many cultural ceremonies such as tea parties and monochrome ink painting were introduced to the people by Zen monks. Another thing the monks introduced was landscaping and
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