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Ap World History Outline

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  • on February 18, 2013
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AP World History

    I. Classical civilizations 1,000 B.C.E.-500 C.E.- formative period of durable philosophies and institutions that linked social groups
        A. China- Zhou, Qin, Han
              1. decline of Shang less disruptive of civilization- less internal chaos than India and M.E.
              2. world view: harmony of nature, cultural unity and continuity of traditions
              3. dynastic rule: Mandate of Heaven and “cycle of dynasties”
              4. “Middle Kingdom”= core of   Hwang to Yangtze
              5. Zhou: linguistic unity: Mandarin
              6. Qin: silk; Great Wall, centralized
              7. Han: Emperor Wu established first civil service, scholar-bureaucratk check on power of emperor, gov’t active in economy, promote Confucius
              8. Confucius hoped to reform political disorder from “Period of Warring States” after the decline of   Zhou Dynasty: social order, obedience, political virtue and good government, family values, proper relationships; Analects
              9. Legalism- Qin Dynasty: pragmatic government order; disdain for Confucian values Sima Qin
              10. patriarchy: hierarchy; “mean” people; merchants low status;
              11. Daoism- The Way of Nature”: Lao-Zi; spirituality; Yin and Yang; worldy things of little importance; mysterious; popular with masses; upper class spiritual complement to Confucious
              12. Civil service: Five Classics: songs, life, love, politics; etiquette and ceremonies
        B. India – Vedic Age 1500-500 BCE
              1. Northern parts tended to be populated by Indo-European Aryands, the southern by darker-skinned Dravidians
              2. Vedas- collections of hymns, songs, prayers and rituals honoring gods
              3. Sanskrit- sacred language
              4. Tamils: southern Indians traded cotton, silks reflect the merchant spirit that made classical Indian civilization a global commercial power...

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