Ap World History Dbq Report

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African Civilization Achievements Intro: During the fourteenth century, there were many successful civilizations within Africa. Civilizations such as Ghana, Mali, Songhai, and Kilwa made achievements in many different aspects. They made outstanding progresses in trade, government, learning wealth and military. With these achievements, these ancient civilizations were very successful places. Body 1: Ghana Doc 2: Had power and control of Transaharan gold and salt trade - everything was coated with gold -Court of appeal: levels of kingdom- centralized gov’t(organized civilizations Doc 3: Ghana controlled all the land with gold Had military forces Made safe trade for the Arabs and Berbers Very complex empire: many…show more content…
Places such as Ghana, Songhai, Mali and Kilwa made achievements that were not left unnoticed by historians. These advances consisted in the fields of government, learning, military, wealth and trade, Certain events in history helped lead to further strengthen these ancient African civilizations. Accomplishments such as these have helped shape the economy of Africa
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