Ap World History Dbq Analysis

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The differences between the New Engalnd and Chesapeake region became more and more evident as time progressed. Accounting to this change is the difference between how people view things, and these views were very different indeed. Factors that helped to change these things were the family establishment, interests of the people, and social class system in each of these regions. Attesting to this is the way how these two once similar lands became distant. Families settled in the New England and Chesapeake regions for different reasons, all according to the interest of the people, but people also gained interests as they discovered the raw potential of the land they had set foot upon. This lead to area-specific disputes in these regions; some being over the social class system and improper treatment. The establishments of family between the New England and Chesapeake regions were different in the way that their compositions were made up of different factors. Families heading toward the New England colonies traveled together to the New World [Doc B]. One would travel amongst their father, mother, siblings, servants, and siblings/ relations to that servant, making a tighter connection and bonds with human beings based on…show more content…
They were all linked through the common hatred against the British, which would eventually lead to the American Revolution. Ties of brotherhood and similar beliefs would over power their mal intents among their own problems, and unite them in a common interest. Although the American Revolution officially started in Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts, each part of the nation took their own part in the struggle. The famous battle of Saratoga took part in New York, the Trenton/ Princeton campaign in New Jersey, the Siege of Yorktown in Virginia, etc. People’s sense of independence and pride got the best of them and led them to create the nation we have
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