Ap World History Chapter 5 Summary

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A.P. History Guided Reading Chapter 5 An Age of Empires: Rome and Han China Terms: 1. Gentry- people with high social position 2. third-century crisis-period where the Roman Empire nearly collapsed 3. aqueduct- man made channel for water 4. Romanization- spread of Roman culture 5. Equites- Veterans of war that rose to power 6. Roman Principate-first period of roman empire until the 3rd century crisis 7. patron/client- relationship- relationship between a client looking for protection and patrons. 8. plebeians-common people, shopkeepers, and artisans 9. patricians-political power, militaries, and wealth 10. tribunes-someone chosen by plebeians to protect their rights and interests 11. “Council of Elders”- the roman supreme court…show more content…
Roman Senate- center of power of Rome 14. Augustus-Created Roman Empire and became ruler in 27 BC 15. Jesus- The messiah that Jews sought. Central belief of Christianity 16. Paul- Jew that once persecuted followers of Jesus but ended up becoming a follower of Jesus himself. Spread the word of Jesus 17. Constantine- Emperor that moved the capital of Rome to Constantinople. 18. Shi Huangdi- founder of the short Qin Dynasty 19. Chang’an- capital of bot the Qin and Han dynasties Places: 20. Palatine Hill- center of the & hills of Rome 21. Latium- region of west Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea 22. Gaul- region in western Europe and west of the Rhine river 23. Constantinople- last capital of Rome during the end of the Roman Empire Empires / Kingdoms: 24. Roman Republic-time in wich Rome was ruled by the Roman Senate (507-31 BCE) 25. Qin-short lived dynasty 26. Han- dynasty after the Qin that lasted 206BCE – 260 CE 27. Byzantine Empire- Eastern portion of the Roman Empire Wars / Periods / Events 28. Wars with Carthage (Punic Wars) – the results- Romans won the wars against the Carthagens. 29. Pax Romana -“Roman Peace” 30. “Third century crisis”- point where the Roman Empire almost
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