Ap World History Chapter 17 Outline

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Chapter 17 1) Describe nomadic society and its effects on trade. (pg. 408-409) * Turkish people were nomadic herders * organized into clans and related languages * Central Asia did not receive enough rain to support agriculture but grazing animals thrived on the grasses and shrubs there * Nomads drove their herds and flocks to lands with abundant grass and followed migratory cycles * Settlements were few and small * Nomads engaged in small-scale cultivation, but not able to sustain whole societies * Sought to trade with settled peoples * much commerce was small scale; need for agricultural products and manufactured goods was high * soon participated in long-distance trade networks…show more content…
Compare the missions of Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta. · MP’s dad and uncle were merchants in Mongol Region. They met the great Khubilai Khan. · Next trip, Marco comes with them. · Marco meets the khan, khan likes him. · khan keeps Marco for possible administrative duties, and uses him as a go-between merchant for Europe and China · Marco asks to leave 17 years later, khan grants permission · 1295- Polos are back in venice. · Marco taken as POW between Genoa and his native Venice. · Marco regales inmates with his (often exaggerated) stories of China · Ibn Battuta was Muslim traveler · travelled to then-Islamic States (India, Maldives, Swahili, Mali) · Very qualified in Islamic knowledge o used his knowledge to find a job as qadi, advisor to dehli
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