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AThere have been numerous accounts of creation recorded throughout human history. Some accounts are tens of thousands of years old and other accounts were recorded just a few thousand years ago. Some accounts of creation show striking similarities of creation and other accounts show significant differences of creation. For example, the creation stories of the Sumerians and the Greeks show similar accounts of creation. Though this shouldn’t be a surprise the people of Sumer influenced the Greeks. In both accounts of creation the gods show behaviors and feelings of humans as they pull of feats only gods could pull off. For example Zeus slayed his father, one of the strongest gods who slayed his father but also exhibited human passions and feelings. Both accounts of creation also have a period of time where there were no gods or goddesses and the earth and the heaven existed. Another similarity is that in both accounts of creation is that the children of the gods slayed them and took control. In the Sumerian account the god Apsu and the goddess Tiamat were slayed by their children, the children slayed their parents because of fear. They feared that Apsu was going to kill them so they killed him so that they wouldn’t be killed. After the children of the gods killed their mother and father they went on to crate the sun, moon, sky, light, day and night. In the Greek account of creation Zeus was the only child that wasn’t eaten by his father, so when Zeus grew up he disgorged his brothers and sisters and then slayed his father. By slaying his father and freeing his brothers and sisters he became the leader of the Olympian gods. The last similarity is that once the new gods asserted their power they created humans with the feeling that the humans had obligations and duties to the gods. Although there are many stories of creations that show similarities there are stories of

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