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Tiered Assignment- Phoenician and Greek Colonization Impacts and Cultural Diffusion AP Key Concept 2.3. -Emergence of Trans-regional Networks of Communication and Exchange I. Land and water routes became the basis for trans-regional trade, communication, and exchange networks in the Eastern Hemisphere. A. • Mediterranean sea lanes GPS-SSWH3 The student will examine the political, philosophical and cultural interaction of Classical Mediterranean societies from 700 BCE to 400 CE. Tier Ladder | Grade | Tasks | C/Basic Knowledge | 70-79% | * List a brief synopsis of Greek colonization and Phoenician colonization including but limited to reasons, technology that allowed them to colonize, and brief historical timeframe/chronology/timeline of colonization. (could include visuals) * Label (or draw) key products being distributed and locations. * Label and color locations of Greek colonies. * Label and color locations of Phoenician colonies. * Locate and label the key geographic features of the Mediterranean (see list). | B/Application, Manipulation | 80-89% | * Integrate and illustrate (label or draw) key products being distributed and locations. * Interpret the impact that these products had on the regions they were diffused. * Re-diagram the information on the map into another cognitive format. | A/ Critical Thinking, Analysis | 90-100% | * Compare the scope of Greek colonization to that of Phoenicia. Was one more widespread? Why do you think this is? * By analyzing the map, what areas would be a source of conflict or contention between the two? * What would be your hypothesis on why the Greeks chose the areas that they did to colonize and not other areas? What are obvious areas that they did not colonize? Why? | Greek and Phoenician Colonization Synopsis (table will expand as you enter information) See website links to assist.

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