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AP US STUDY GUIDE I. George Washington a. Constitution is in progress b. First time anything legal governmental authority was being followed c. Unwritten constitution i. Two terms presidency ii. Cabinet iii. Political parties d. Judiciary Act 1789 – power to create lower courts e. Political Parties i. Hamilton Federalists (Republicans) a. Northeast, urban b. Industry manufacturing c. Banking d. Political power for the elite e. Strong national government with control over the states f. Elastic clause g. Loose or broad constitutional interpretation h. National bank ii. Jefferson Anti-Federalists (Democrats) a. South, rural b. Common man, local c. Strict constitution d. States rights, federal government shouldn’t interfere at all e. Strong federal government for defense and international commerce f. Keep slavery g. Bill of rights h. No national bank (no concentrated wealth) f. National Bank i. Secretary of Treasury – Alexander Hamilton laid plans for governmental financing through tariffs, surcharges on imported goods and a tax on liquor ii. Hamilton proposed National Bank to centralize the nation’s financial base and urged the government to create a manufacturing branch of economy as not to depend on European countries for manufactured goods iii. Federalist – concentrate federal power over states power, bank was more powerful than pet banks iv. North likes, South hates who fear federal power v. Spilt the nation several times vi. Jackson vetoed it for the last time g. Proclamation of Neutrality (1793) i. France is having their revolution and goes to way with England ii. Franco-American Treaty – France helped US against Britain during American Revolution – does this treaty still hold iii. France wants US backing, US says treaty no longer holds under new monarch, and Britain wants US backing iv. US stays neutral, but

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