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THESIS : Because of its lack of stability , good decision making , and inflexibility of an amendment regarding the states during the years 1781-1789 , the Articles of Confederation , did a poor job in insuring the security of the United States' economy The Articles of Confederation did a poor job in insuring the security of the United States economy. In a letter from the Rhode Island assembly to the members of Congress , they expressed their disagreement regarding the recommendation for taxes on imported goods , which could ulitimatley damage their economy, With the Articles , Congress had no power to regulate commerce , which left states free to establish conflictiong laws regarding tariffs and navigation. Another crippling handicap to Congress was the fact that they also could not enforce its tax-collection program. Despite their attempts for asking the states to contribute theri share , Congress failed to ever meet its quota. During the time period of the Articles of Confederation , Congress lacked much power and was never capable of contributing the money to get the United States out of their war debt. On Feburary 27 , 1783 , a delagate from Virginia named Jospeh WJones wrote a letter to George Washington explaining that those serving the army were unable to recieve the justice that they deserve , because Congress' inability to meet their request for bonuses and back-pay , which truly reflected the horrible diposition and debt that the United states' economy was in after the war. Tresury Secretary Alexander Hamilton urged Congress to have the federal government pay off its debts at face value. The national debt swelled to $75 million causing him to put forth the economy crippling excise tax. On March 7 1785 , John Jay wrote instructions for the United States Minister and sent them to Great Britain, In the document , he explained to the
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