Ap* Us History Dbq Comprompise 1820-1860

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********* AP US History 11-10-11 1820-1860 DBQ From the years 1820 to 1860 americans sought to resolve their political disputes through compromise, but by the 60's this was no longer effective. What are the reasons for this change??? The United States was and is a fast growing country. We've all heard about the civil war, and how it changed the states through different freedoms and such. But what was it that set this country overboard? We were doing great with public peaceful affairs, or so we thought. Before the Civil War in 1860, the United States and the citizens of the country, the Americans tried to compromise to each other when political disputes arose. Although the United States were doing alright until this time to compromise with political tensions, it was inevitable that force would need to come into play. It would start with the Tariff of abominations, an then the North and the South would just come to hate each other hastily for their different views on slavery. A beginning problem was a tariff issue in 1832. It was a new tariff that South Carolina did not take kindly to. South Carolina thought that if a law or tariff in this case is passed that directly affects the state, which it did, that the state had the right to nullify such a bill. This was the first of many problems the states saw to realize this was the beginning of a bigger scheme of problems (Document A). This outraged not only South Carolina, but many other states. Other states just didn't have the courage to speak out. If one state starts to get angry, word will obviously get out, and other states will want to see change, and they did. As we can see, South Carolina is angry, and wants to secede from the union. If the states become angry enough, they will secede. And if one state secedes, others will follow. This results in the Nullification crisis. Southern Carolina speaks
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