Ap Us History Dbq 1993 (Got a 43/50)

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The Chesapeake region focused more so on instant riches instead of immediate essentials like food, while New England directed themselves toward building God-based communities and government systems that were fit for their families. Virginia not only focused on instant riches, but was very individualistic as well. When settlers first arrived in the colony, the women outnumbered the men 6 to 1 (C). Because of the large amount of men in the Chesapeake area, most men married Indian women, thus making Virginian women, most of whom stayed single, much more powerful. Due to not having families in the ‘new world’ these colonists worked for themselves, and themselves alone, causing their motivation to work to be very low. Resulting from their lack of motivation, and their failure to worry about important survival aspects, was a relatively low life expectancy in the region. The Virginians also lived in bad conditions, which ultimately caused large death tolls, and they didn’t do anything to help each other (F).The unhealthy, deathly conditions also increased the number of men who needed to be shipped into the colony. The fact that the people of the Chesapeake region were solely looking to find gold, that wasn’t actually there, caused the settlements to be of a more temporary state. Because of this temporariness, settlers didn’t find it important to set up schools or churches in this area, which led to lower levels of both religious and academic education. Virginia began as a charter colony, governed by a preset document, but the king eventually turned it into a royal colony because it had gone bankrupt and was an embarrassment. The government in the Chesapeake region was established as the House of Burgesses at this point. There was another party involved but their opinions almost never counted. This was because the House of Burgesses represented the aristocratic members of
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