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CHAPTER 1 New World Beginnings 1. Geographically how was America formed and how was it populated? North America was in held in place at the northeast corner by the Canadian Shield,which became the first landmass of North America above sea level to be theorized. The gargantuan ice mantle caused the grinding and flushing of the Canadian Shield, which caused the shallow depressions into melting glaciers and formed lakes.The land bridge that was exposed due to the Ice Age connected the Eurasia with North America. The ending of the Ice Age caused the glaciers to melt. The glaciers melting made the sea level rose, and inundated the land bridge. Therefore, immigration was barred by nature 10,000 years ago. The tribes that were in North America split and evolved into Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs. Nation States existed in the North America when the Europeans arrived at North America. 2. Compare and Contrast the Pueblo Indians, Mound Builders, Eastern Indians and Iroquois. The Pueblo Indians lived in the Rio Grande valley and had irrigation systems. The irrigation systems were used to water their cornfields. The Pueblo Indians made heir buildings out of adobe. Contrasting to the Pueblo Indians are the Mound Builders.The Mound Builders lived in the Ohio River valley, and lived a similar lifestyle as the Pueblo Indians by planting corn. Eastern Indians grow maize,corn, and bean by using the three-sister farming method. The Iroquois is in the northeastern woodlands, and was lead by Hiawatha. 3. How did the early slave trade begin? Marco Polo returned from Europe begins tales of his journey to China, which made Europeans to desire a cheap route to get the treasures that are in the East. New developments such as an astrolabe was made to tell the ships’s latitude. However, Europeans refused to sail due to the winds that makes it hard to sail

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